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Motivational Speaking With Leo Brown

Ready to feel motivated? Wanting to be inspired? Wanting to break some patterns? Needing some direction? Allow Leo Brown to speak to you from the heart. We all have a journey. We all have a story. 

With his down-to-earth charm and personality. He believes in empowering his audiences and clients. Leo shows you that you're not alone. With Leo you're not just a client. You're a friend. 

Speaking Lectures Given by Leo Brown:

A Lifetime of Laughter and Love: A Conversation with Leo Brown.

Bad, Bad Leo Brown. Wait a minute who? Who is Leo Brown? What is he doing here? Find out about everything you've every wanted to know about Leo. In an honest, in depth discussion. Get ready to laugh, cry and just have fun. With Leo you're family. Not just audience member.

Come On Hoe! A Guide To Taking Back Your Personal Power.

Have you always confused love with sex? Are you tired of feeling rejected by the world? In this trans formative lecture learn to take back what has always been yours. Your personal power has always been with you. Learn to find it and allow it to help you find the person you need as well as the inner warrior within yourself.

Feeling Your Fish: Empowering The Feminine Gay Man. 

No fats, No Fems. We've either have heard or seen this as gay men in our lives. In this lecture learn the keys to feeling your fish and embracing your feminine side! 

Living a Balanced Life.

In this lecture learn the keys to putting your life back into balance. See nature as a teacher and mentor. Learn the importance of imperfections and how to truly embrace yourself completely and fully.

Swallowing Bitterness, Walking Towards Forgiveness.

Sometimes I'm sorry just doesn't cut it. In this interactive workshop/lecture find out how to forgive every person, place or thing that has hurt you. While swallowing the bitterness that causes blocks in your life. Forgive yourself and others at the same time. 

All speaking engagements lasts 60-120 minutes. 

For more information or to book Leo for a speaking engagement.  Call (832) 582-5569.

or e-mail him at psychicleo28@yahoo.com  All calls and emails will be returned within 24 hours.