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Psychic Medium Readings with Leo Brown|Psychic Medium

What is a Spirit Communicator? A spirit communicator is someone who communes with or receives messages from those that have crossed over to the other side. Every spirit communicator is different. Some see spirit, others hear or sense spirits.  

For Leo, he doesn't exactly "see" spirit. He possess what some would call clairvoyance or "clear seeing."  Along with allowing the person on the other side to "send" him clues. He is a psychic medium. Meaning that he acts a mediator between you the and the spirit world.  Also he is what some would call a spirit medium.

Wanting to connect with your loved ones on the other side?  What does the other side have to say to you? A lot, as long you are open to listening to their messages.  

Allow Leo to help you commune with those that have passed on so that it may ease your mind and soothe your heart. Leo's goal is not to harm you nor to string you along but to bring you the peace that you've desired. 

A session can last from 45 minutes two hours depending on the questions the seeker (you) may have and the messages that Leo receives during the session.

In order to ensure a safe and happy session for both you and Leo,  Leo calls upon his spirit guides/ guardians to make the experience both warm and inviting.

When receiving a spirit session it is wise to remember that the person you wish to hear from may or may not come through. They're others who have crossed over that want to speak with you. All readings will be conducted via phone or skype.

To book your reading. Call: (832) 582-5569. 

When making your appointment call to confirm your appointment time/date. I accept all forms of payment including major credit cards, cash and paypal. Cancellation Policy: Cancellation must be given within 48 hours. If cancellation is not given within 48 hours, a cancellation fee of fifty percent of the cost your selected reading.

30 min Session: $125.00  

60 min Session:$180.00