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Revealing your Intuition 
A psychic's round table

Psychic describes himself as ‘intuitive’

September 06. 2013 4:46PM

Leo Brown bucks the trend of a typical psychic, as most anyone can discern when they meet him.

Brown, 31, always wanted to be an entertainer and singer, so he went to school to study music and, at first, downplayed his ability as a psychic-medium and clairvoyant, he recalled. He discovered he had special intuitive abilities at age 21 but began serious study of the subject much later.

Born in the Deep South to an intuitive family, Brown possessed what people down south called “the gift,” he said. He said that his grandmother and half-sister possessed “the gift,” as well.

Brown gave a shot to reading tarot cards when he received his first deck on his 21st birthday.

“I read for friends,” he said. “I didn’t think anything of it at all, especially as a business. It took another year for me to embrace my psychic ability.”

He continued to study and develop his ability.

“As time went on, I decided to take the time to develop this intuition,” said Brown, of Belleville, who was born in Alabama. “I soon noticed that I could not only help people to heal but also, in some strange way, help myself, while constantly growing. The abilities I have are clairvoyance — seeing in my mind’s eye.”

As he worked to understand his abilities, he worked the 800 lines for Psychic Friends Network. He said one particular call brought the idea home to him that his calling was to make a living and name for himself as an intuitive medium.

Furthermore, Brown’s brother, James, and James’ mother encouraged Brown to develop his abilities further.

"Now I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for anything,” Brown said. “I owe my brother James and his mom a big thank you, or I wouldn’t be doing what I do now.”

Although Brown speaks to clients about subjects of a personal nature, his quick wit puts his clients at ease, as Godfrey’s Teena’s Day Spa owner Teena Clark discovered. He read tarot cards for the salon’s clients at Clark’s holiday open house.

Another psychic, Elizabeth “Loving Rose” Wissbaum, invited Brown to go to Teena’s Day Spa on a previous date.

"That’s when I met Teena for the first time, and I thought it was a lovely place, and we just hit it off real well,” Brown said.

Thus, Clark invited Brown back for the holiday open house.

“I really do thank her and her lovely staff for allowing me to come in,” said Brown, who travels all over the Metro East and beyond to accommodate clients and the curious. “It is a fun and unique place. It says a lot about her as a businesswoman, doing a lot of networking and allowing someone to come in and showcase their talent and ability. I am grateful for every appearance, phone call, email that I receive. There are millions of intuitives clients could go to.”

Brown does gallery readings, which involve a whole group of people all at once, parties, girls’ nights out, bachelor and bachelorette parties, guys’ nights out, corporate gatherings and functions, private parties, and he goes to businesses when requested.

Brown described a psychic intuitive medium as someone who reads from their intuition, and also receives messages from people who died, if they choose to come through to the intuitive medium.

"I love the ‘Long Island Medium,’ but I am not her. I cut it off; I don’t want it on all the time,” Brown said. “I do have an off button. When I’m at home, out with friends, I don’t read out of the blue.”

He described reading as a job that can be draining if never “turned off.”

"It really is work; it’s not easy. It really is a job, and sometimes people don’t understand that,” Brown said.

Psychic Leo Brown Inc. is an interactive company specializing in intuitive counseling. Its website is http://www.psychicleo.com/.

Brown’s mission is to truly help people, he said.

“It’s to help you to grow and know that there is a light that shines within you,” he said. “You have the power to change your life; I just hold your hand along the way.”

Brown’s main goal is to show clients that they have the power to change their life, he noted.

Brown described his company as founded on principles of compassion, honesty and truth.

Brown’s intuitive services are offered online, via email, telephone and Skype. He specializes in giving advice regarding matters of relationships, financial and career issues.

“I describe myself and my company as having the compassion of Oprah Winfrey, the fun of Wendy Williams and the flamboyance of RuPaul,” Brown said.

For the past few months of this year, Brown read and networked at Diva Night at Tony’s Place in Mascoutah, where organizer Julie Eichelz of Julie Anne’s Sweet Shop put together the regular event for business owners, their employees, clients and the community.

Women enter Diva Nights for free; for $12, anyone can enjoy an all-you-can eat buffet. Attendees also get one free drink.

Starting in February, Diva Nights will continue once a month at Tony’s Place with Brown in tow.

Visit Facebook.com/intuitiveleo or the website www.psychicleo.com for more information or to contact Brown. Brown can be reached at (618) 236-6448.



Contact: Leo Brown

Tel: 618-236-6448


Email: psychicleo28@yahoo.com


Celebrity Psychic Leo Brown Makes Record Breaking Appearance At Popular Networking Event

St. Louis, MO., January 23, 2013– Are you ready to be read? Internationally renowned psychic medium Leo Brown will once again be blessing the public with his gifts and spirited personality at Diva Night in Mascoutah, IL. Known for his upbeat and fun persona Brown’s straightforward and raw reading style consistently amazes his clients while his down-home nature soothes even the most ruffled soul.

This will be Psychic Leo’s third appearance at Diva Night which takes place on February 6, 2013 at Tony’s Place Restaurant, 9 West Main St, Mascoutah, IL 62258 from 6pm to 9pm. The event will include a night jam packed with vendors from the St. Louis Metro area, a Zumba flash mob, career tips, cooking demonstrations and a free buffet. Since the launch of Diva Night in November 2012 expert participation from the small business industry has increased by 200 percent and is projected to reach even greater numbers at the upcoming affair.

“The networking impact is huge, considering that 100 percent of those attending are making crucial contacts,” says Julie Eichholz, founder of Diva Night events. “Our goal is to connect with and support as many small businesses as possible. Some work for years to land a conversation with insiders, and having a chance to get even a little exposure, will make that connection at Diva Night events.”

Not only will attendees have the opportunity to network for business growth but they will also be given the chance to network for spiritual growth as well as Psychic Leo Brown taps into the energy of loved ones on the other side and answers questions that allow a peek into what’s going on in the present and what will come in the future.


Celebrity psychic, medium, and life coach Leo Brown uses his warmth, honesty and wit to help you feel at home while he brings clarity to many of your life’s questions. As one of the St. Louis area's most sought after psychics, he constantly makes appearance in all media outlets including radio, television and print. He is a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient psychic intuitive who is also blessed with the abilities of spirit and animal communication. For more information please visit www.psychicleo.com.

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For media inquiries or more information please contact Leo Brown at 618-236-6448 or email psychicleo28@yahoo.com.

Leo Brown's Press Kit