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My reading with Leo was part psychic reading and part therapy session. He helped me to better understand myself while also providing psychic guidance in the most compassionate way. It felt very intimate. Like speaking with a close friend or family member. I'll definitely call him again. He's great! 

Thank you Leo.

LM, Atlanta

Quotes I was on the show you had with Rev. Pamela Cummins. You are fabulous! How in the world did you know about my two disorganized closets! funny and embarrassing! Thank you for the wonderful tidings about life and love. You were on the money....you were sweet, kind and very, very funny with all of us who called in....I intend to get a reading from you again. Quotes
Radioshow Audience

Quotes I absolutely enjoy speaking with Leo. Aside that we have so much in common he's such a wonderful individual and really says the truth. Can't wait til yo make a trip to NYC! Quotes

Quotes Thanks so much, Leo! Your insight is amazing. God Bless You! Quotes

Quotes Leo, you are a tender-hearted person that has always had a gift for helping those around you. You have never lead me astray in your readings. It's nice to have someone be truly honest, even if I didn't like what I heard. That's hard to find today. Your guidance has helped me through some of the toughest times in my life. I will always come to you when I need guidance. Love ya, Amber Quotes
Close Longtime Friend

Quotes Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate the honesty, I hope things began to change soon, I am waiting for a new start. Thanks again I will keep in touch. Quotes

Quotes Thanks Leo. You're the bestest!! lol. It is always great knowing I have someone to talk to such as a person like yourself. You have never steard me in the wrong direction but have always helped with your words. Take care. Will keep you updated on my trip :) Quotes
Nikki from Texas

Quotes What can say about Leo, he is such a kind caring funny man who happens to know his stuff. Thank you Leo for such great readings. Quotes
Pat from New Jersey

Quotes Thank you so much for clearing up my confusion and also predicting several months ago what can to reality on this past weekend. Truly amazing! Dallas, Tx Quotes

Quotes Thanks for your amazing insight! You've truly helped me to know what to expect and how to focus my energy for my higher good. New York, Ny Quotes

Quotes Thank you very much for being my spiritual advisor for life. You are my soul brother and sending you lots of blessings. I will talk with you soon. Please keep praying and mediating for D as he needs a lot of love and compassion, strength and courage. He will be very happy to finally have me forever. You are so understanding and have a gift of love from God to help others. God bless you. Quotes