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My reading with Leo was part psychic reading and part therapy session. He helped me to better understand myself while also providing psychic guidance in the most compassionate way. It felt very intimate. Like speaking with a close friend or family member. I'll definitely call him again. He's great! 

Thank you Leo.

LM, Atlanta

Quotes He confirmed EVERYTHING in life I had. Yes you did. You gave me truth and life. You are a dear. I love and appreciate you! Quotes
Queen Aishah

Quotes At least 90% of what you said was true. Thank you and great job! Quotes
Nikki Woods
Senior Producer, Tom Joyner Morning Show.

Quotes Very true indeed!!! Quotes
TS Madison Hinton
Singer/Author/Trans Advocate/Viral Video Star

Quotes Wow! THAT was a wonderful numerological reading! Thank you! I am honored and I appreciate you! Quotes
Rolonda Watts
Talk Show Host/Radio Host/Actress and Author.

Quotes Thank you so much!!! I hope that our paths cross one day soon Love and Many Blessings to you my dear!🏾🏾🏾🏾 Quotes
Latrice Royale
Rupaul's Drag Race Season 4 Contestant

Quotes My first reading was 3 months ago.. I absolutely fell in love with him.. Everything was accurate.. thanks alot leo.. talk to you soon.. Quotes

Quotes Leo is awesome! He was friendly and professional. I received my reading yesterday and was given so much clarity and understanding to my current situation. Put my mind at ease so much, I had the best sleep I've had in a long time. He gave me insight that opened up me to a lot of self-realization. I appreciate the honesty and openness, which in turn allowed me to accept the changes that are coming my way. Thanks so much Leo, many blessings to you! Quotes
KB, Illinois

Quotes Thank you so much! So,So True! Quotes
Jenna Jameson

Quotes All i can say is ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. I have really never believed in psychics but after hearing what he had to say and how everything was pretty much dead on, i am now a believer and i truly feel re-inspired and re-motivated all over again just when i was thinking of throwing in the towel.. Quotes
Feeling Re-Inspired

Quotes Wow!!!! Leo was so accurate with his description of my situation. I actually started to wonder if he knew the person (s) in question, because he nailed them all to a tee! I highly recommend calling Leo, he will give you insight into your situation. A million stars for this guy🙂 Quotes
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