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Psychic Medium. Life Coach. Speaker. Author.

About Leo Brown

Psychic Medium. Life Coach. Motivational Speaker. Author. 

Those four words sum up the man known as Leo Brown perfectly. He truly wants to help you empower your life. Showing you that life and everything in is fabulous! Despite begin diagnosed with diplegia cerebral palsy as an infant. Told by doctors that he would never see the age of 30. He not only persevered, he overcame.

“For a long time I thought that I always had something to prove to the world around me. I realize now that the person I have to prove anything to is myself. “ He says. “The universe has my back. I got this. “ He declares.

His mission is to embrace this thing called life, while empowering the lives of others better than ever! With his down-home charm, intuitive psychic medium ability and blunt honesty. Leo not only wants to you to the see the beauty that is within yourself; he wants to see that you've always had the power to change the world as well as your own.

What drives Leo? “Emotion.” He says with seriousness written across his face. “If when I am working with you and emotion is not there or invoked. Something is wrong. When you show true, raw emotion that's when true healing begins.”

His goal is to heal the world. One person at a time.

Places Leo has appeared:

  • Phoenix and Dragon Bookstore Sandy Springs, Georgia (Author Event) 

  • The Book Loft Columbus, Ohio (Author Event)

  • The Slay Soiree Houston, Texas (Speaking Engagement)

  • The St Louis Pagan Picnic St. Louis, Mo (Author Event) 

Just Jon's Night Club w/Author Steven Lachance

Texas State University (Speaking Engagement)